Saturday, January 10, 2009


Not much happening with us. That is good I guess. We went to the movies tonight and saw "Bride Wars." It was pretty predictable but the girls enjoyed it and the popcorn was good. What more can you ask for? Tomorrow, we actually have nothing much planned. We shouldn't even have to leave town! We are going to church (down the street), eating supper at home (home-made pizza), and then Bruce has a Khoury League meeting at 6pm at the park (down the street again). It just about kills him to not have anything to do. I like hanging out at home all day. There is always something for me to do!


Kim said...

I was in Fairview at the 7:30 show on Friday, were you there? I liked it, it was cute.

Beth said..., we were at the 4:45 show in O'Fallon. We were at 54 Street when you were in the movie!

Kim said...

Too funny!