Monday, June 28, 2010

Frank Girl Vacation Toes

It has become a tradition in our house to get pre-vacation pedicures. Seems like the cost of this tradition is going up every year too but oh well I guess! I think we started this in 2008 but maybe it was 2007.

My design.....since we are going to Mt. Rushmore and gonna be there on the 4th of July, what better design to get? I had never seen something like this before and I was pleasantly surprised!

B1's toes.....the last time she tried a French tip, we spent several days at waterparks (at Disney) and the tip didn't last as long as she (or I) would have liked. We won't be doing any water parks this trip, just swimming in hotel pools, so it should work better this time.

And B2's toes.....very appropriate for someone her age! Heck, I would even like this design for myself sometime!

OK, now this time for real, my next post will be from the road!

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Willy said...

Gracie says they're beautiful!