Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010

Ok so first of all - our dog is scared of 3 things: going to the vet, thunderstorms, and the timer/buzzer sound on our stove. She shakes when she hears it. Today, Bruce and the girls were making a frozen pizza and some toasted ravioli for lunch and using the stove, setting the timer, etc. She was scared so she came and joined me in the basement, where I was doing laundry and eventually got in the shower. Towards the end of my shower, I notice the curtain move a little and I wondered if one of my family members was going to try to throw cold water on me (we do this to each other occasionally). I look and no, it's Shinza, looking like she's gonna hop right in, which she did! Our basement shower is a stand-up shower with concrete blocks around the bottom of it to keep the water from going everywhere in our basement. She jumped over the block and came in. Gees! So I shushed her out and right after that, the came in again! I shushed her again and this time I thought she was gone. So I close my eyes to rinse the conditioner out of my hair, turn off the water, squeeze water out of my hair, pull the curtain to the side, look around the room for her and don't see her. No, because she again was standing right next to my feet, looking up at me! Wow, scardy-cat dog!

We had over 4 inches of rain fall here yesterday in less than an hour. That is a lot of water! Here are some pictures I took shortly afterwards.

This was taken standing on our driveway looking down the sidewalk.

This one was taken from the neighbor's driveway, looking in the same direction as the picture above.

This is the intersection at the end of our street!

And the yard right next to that intersection!

The water was rushing into this drainage ditch so fast it almost sounded like a small waterfall.

It was pretty amazing though too, as fast as that water came, it drained away pretty quickly as well. Our church had a bit of flooding but I don't believe anything was damaged majorly. Someone posted a picture on Facebook of their kids swimming in a ditch right after the storm.....only in a small town! An hour or so after the storm, the sun was out and shining and soon, the sidewalks were clear again!

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