Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12, 2010

More pictures from the Ozarks.....

This was B2's breakfast this morning - yep, ONE HUGE cinnamon roll! Every time we go to Bagnell Damn, we eat breakfast at a place in the strip called Stewart's. They are known for these rolls. She ordered only this for breakfast. B1, Bruce, and I ordered regular breakfasts, ate some of this roll, and there was still some roll left over. It was really yummy though!

Here are Bruce and the girls outside one of Bruce's childhood favorite spots....."Dogpatch"

Bruce said that he bets his mom has a picture of him as a kid in front of this same Batmobile car. It used to work but now is just a nostalgic decoration outside the arcade.

B1 and B2 had a lot of questions about the dam and how it works. We drove down to the bottom part of the dam to show them. There were a lot of fish down here, jumping really high out of the water! It was pretty neat!

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