Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010

For the past 2 years, I have attempted to upload at least 1 photo per day during the month of June. I am going to try to take on that same task again this year, especially since my posts here lately have been sporadic at best. For the last couple days of June, however, I do not promise anything as we will be getting ready to depart on our family vacation.

Today for the first time, we went to the Gypsy Caravan, held on the campus of UMSL. I would describe this event as a combination garage sale/flea market/craft & vendor fair. You could find almost anything here! Even though I just had a Miche party and got 7 new purses, I found another one today that I had to have! Maybe I'll take a picture of it for another day's post. We also bought some small rocks with our names in them. Bruce bought a hat and the girls bought sunglasses(as you can see in the picture below) and make-up. After we left there, we headed to Forest Park and the Boathouse. We had promised the girls about a month or so ago that shortly after school got out, we would take them there and we would rent a paddle boat. We did just that as you can see in today's picture. B2 had to wear a life jacket since she is younger than 12 years of age. We ate dinner at the Boathouse restaurant too and while there, the skies opened up! We had opted to eat outside but under cover and even so, we had to move to a different seating area because the wind was so strong, it was almost blowing the rain sideways right on us!

They were having a good time!

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Willy said...

Love the sunglasses! And those paddle boats are HARD work...we took the kids last summer and they loved it.