Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3, 2010

Last year I posted a picture of the money I collected selling pencils at school. This is a picture of this year's money from the entire year. Last year, I had $186.57. This year it was a little less at $170.23. Since I sell regular pencils for $.10 and mechanical pencils for $.25, I have no idea where the extra $.03 came from! Anyway, this adds a nice little pad to my "rainy day" money!


Kathy G said...

Since you had less money than last year, do you think your students are buying the less expensive regular pencils or becoming more organized and bringing their own?

Beth said...

Kathy.....I am pretty sure it's the fact that this year, I taught higher-level classes with more respoisible kids. The lower levels you teach, the less prepared they ar for class. And I REFUSE to let them borrow my things. They "walk off" too easily! If they dont' have $$$ to pay for a pencil themselves, they must either borrow it from a friend or go without (and thus take the chance of missing out on important notes, etc.).

Katie's blog said...

Sam wants to know why there is a $2 bill. He wants to spend all the money. :-)