Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19, 2010

These are some pictures of the flowers around our house.

My dad plants flowers in this pot for me every year as a Mother's Day gift. When he planted the plants this year, they were all green (no blooms) and I thought it looked a little more scarce than in previous years. Ha, I guess I was wrong!

This is hanging by our front door. Every year, I try to pick out a basket that seems to have a lot of blooms, is kind of "droopy" (hangs down below the actual basket), and will actually survive all summer in the heat. I have been faithful this year with watering it and so far, so good!

This little pot is on our back patio. When I planted the flowers in it this year, I added Miracle Grow and I added too much of it! A couple of the plants died within a week and I had to replace them. But eventually, I think the Miracle Grow worked.

This is the hydrangea bush in our landscaping in the back yard by the sunroom. My dad planted this for us about 5 years ago and every year it seems to be fuller and prettier. I love it!

Close-up of a couple hydrangea flowers

When we go on vacation here in a week or so, I know my dad will be faithful and come over and water my flowers every couple of days, so they should be in good hands while we are gone!

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Ann Flowers said...

Wonderful progression to the full bloom! I like the soft curly petals.